About the Association

We are a group of inns focused on providing a superior service, effective services, customized decoration, thus investing to monitor the quality standard, launching partnerships with reliable vendors and service providers with the continued improvement of our associates, thus moving forward to make your stay at our location much more CHARMING..

Please find some of our features and services that differentiate us, as follows:

Services: Among the services provided, Breakfast with the healthiest items and spoiling items provided for special moments, relaxing massages at the most part of the associated inns, recommendation of the best vendors for outsourced services, like shuttle services and tours.

Decoration: All inns feature a decoration full of character and tailored for its own public.

Quality standard: We continuously monitor the quality standard for the “charming” status as pre-requirements to join our association. We monitor the inns premises for conservation and maintenance, as part of our regular consultancy service.

This is to identify the required improvements each inn is bound to make in order to preserve the quality standard as required by the selected group of distinguished hotel groups. We also follow-up all comments made by guests in each inn, so to be in line with all guidelines approved by the Association.

Sebrae: [Small and Medium-sized Brazilian Agency]: We conduct a continuous partnership aiming courses, trainings, consultancy for our collaborators. We have a yearly planning with a defined schedule. That ensures the continuous learning of our group.

Vendors: We feature an exchange of information, aiming to always get the best providers of services and goods in our inns.

Conturi and Condema: These are two councils comprising members of Ipojuca’s economic, political and corporate milieu. These councils debate all subjects directly concerned with the present and the future of Ipojuca’s tourism and the environment. Our Association is actively engaged, with a seat at each of these two councils.